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Walltherm Wood gasifying Stoves

It is an exellent choice purchasing the Walltherm stove for your living room. Especially in connection with a Accumulation tank, it offers you all advantages of a radiant heat stove for the living room and furthermore, an economical heating system for your whole house.


These stoves have been developed for the following:


Features of the stoves


General information:


The Walltherm stove has been developed for the optimal burning of air-dried natural wood. The stove must not be used for burning any other materials including coal or waste.

The Wood gasifying stove, complies with the Machine- and safety regulations of the European Union guidline 98/37/EWG and consequent amendments. The stove has been tested and registered by BLT-Wieselburg(AUT) and TUEF Rheinland(GER).



In a wood burning stove, a correctly burning flame emits the same amount of carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) as would be emitted through the natural decomposition of the wood itselve.

The quantity of CO2 produced by combustion or decomposition of a tree is equal to the quantity of CO2 that the tree would have extracted from the environment, releasing oxigen into the air whilst utilising the carbon for growth during its lifetime.

Unlike wood, when fossil fuels are burned - which are not renewable, like coal, diesel oil, gas - a huge amount of CO2 accumulated in the course of millions of years is emittted into the atmosphere, increasing the green-house effect. Consequently, the use of wood as fuel maintains the perfect equilibrium of nature because it is a renewable fuel of which burning is compatible with nature's life cycle.


Double combustion:

What exactly do we mean by clean double combustion and how does it work? By controlling the flow of primary air and by adding secondary air, secondary combustion, or post-combustion, takes places. This is indicated by a second characteristically clearer and stronger flame below, the main flame. By adding new oxigen, this flame consumes the unburned gasses, remarkably improving heat production and reducing the harmful emission of CO (carbon monoxide) caused by incomplete combustion. This is a unique feature of the Walltherm stove for the living room.



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